Amazon Refund Trick: Claim Any Delivered Products Refund without Return

No doubt, each and every business that you see around today is focusing on developing an omnichannel presence. This is to ensure that the marketers aren’t only capable of capturing the physical market but is also able to count on the interests of the potential customers – the ones who are available online. Having said so, Amazon has raised up as a giant in the list of the many online global market places. It is rather more popular due to its customer centric features, 24/7 customer service and free shipping provisions.

Also, the plethora of products available on this market place is yet another reason for which it is gaining such a huge amount of fame from the customers across the world. However, one of the major aspects that comes alongside the kind of trade that Amazon deals in, is none other than ‘refund and return.’ Well, with a little bit of hacks, you can actually get the refund without even returning the item that you have had once purchased. This is certainly one of the best ways through which you can make some good amount of money, provided that you actually know it well!

Amazon refund trick

Let us quickly discuss about how the Amazon refund trick works and how you can make the most out of it:

Amazon refund trick is basically a technique through which you can claim the refund amount of any delivered service or product without even returning it in real. This happens mostly when Amazon does refund the purchase amount of any item if it is damaged, or is inexpensive, or in case, it is against a wrong order. Yes, you heard that right! You can claim that amount from Amazon without even bothering to return its product only if you know how to deal with it rightly!

What is Amazon’s return policy?

It is essential to know that Amazon is really generous and friendly when it is about its return or refund policy. The company doesn’t compel you to get through the delivered product when you don’t wish to! You can opt for this policy if you have had changed your mind to keep the product with you, or in case it arrived to you in a damaged condition. It may also happen that you didn’t actually like the item that was delivered to you!

You can very well read about these sorts of policies only when you are placing an order. It is as important to go through these lines, as it is to know about the features or specifications of the product you are planning to purchase! In case you are unsatisfied with the purchase, you may wish to return the product within 30 business days of its purchase. In such a scenario, you will be eligible to opt for a refund for the whole amount of your purchase. However, you may need to contact the seller directly in case you have taken items that were shipped from some third party seller.

How will you go for an Amazon refund claim? (General procedure with return of the purchased item)

Know that Amazon’s refund policy is very easy and simple! If you want to know the step by step guide to deal with it, read on!

  • At first, you will need to log in to your Amazon account with all the necessary credentials
  • Select the order that you are willing to return
  • Now, pick the item against which you are opting for the refund
  • Next, choose the refund payment method that seems to be convenient for you
  • You will have to follow the exact instructions that it comes with! There could be multiple options available before you. You might have to return the stuff either to an Amazon locker, whole foods, nearest Kohl’s departmental store or may a USPS store.
  • Thus, once the item reaches back to the warehouse and is confirmed by the team to Amazon, you can expect to receive the refund within 3-5 business days. That is the usual scenario. In several cases, you might even receive the credit amount once the item checks in at any of its partner location.

Will Amazon make a refund without returning the item?

Yes, it is true that Amazon makes a refund at times without returning the item. The policy is meant to ensure that the customers remain happy and satisfied with their purchases. Amazon does it particularly when the cost of return and its shipping becomes high! More significantly, if you are looking for a refund, you will have to ensure that you are returning the product within a span of 30 days from its delivery, and thus, requesting for its refund.

Amazon refund trick

There are only a handful of cases when Amazon will give you the refund amount without calling for a return of its product. This happens mostly if you have had received a damaged or a defective product. Also, a major portion of the decision for the refund of a product depends on the cost of the actual product. In case your product isn’t that expensive, and Amazon logistics may end up paying a hefty amount, just to ship it back to the Amazon warehouse, then, in that case, it won’t take your item back and credit you the refund amount instead!

In order to make sure whether or not you would require to mail the product back to Amazon, the platform will notify you upfront on the screen with the requisite details and information right at the time of carrying out the return procedure. Besides, if you are calling for a refund, you should always be ready to site a reason behind the same, as Amazon is surely going to ask you about it!

How will the Amazon refund trick work?

Scamming Amazon has turned out to be one of the most widely used methods to earn money from this marketplace. As a customer, you can easily do it by simply complaining about either the product or the delivery, whichever way you wish it to! One can easily do it by placing an order for a product and then fraudulently claiming it to be an empty box. Amazon will thus, refund you the amount that you had paid against that product. Today, this has turned out to be a big practice and a lot of fake accounts have come up doing the same! People seem to be setting up these account at first, and then, closing them down once the purpose is fulfilled. Well, this is absolutely illegal and unethical, and we would obviously not wish to encourage you regarding the same!

Advantages when you carry out the Amazon refund trick through the Amazon refund policy

Amazon refund policy comes with its own sets of advantages. Here are they:

  • Since creating a fake account on Amazon and calling for a refund makes you susceptible to the possibility of being caught, it is always better to use a VPN. You must do it if you are actually willing to getting a refund without returning the merchandise. This is because a VPN will hide your identity and will secure your original IP address.
  • Your account must have positive balance in it which means that you have had cleared all your dues and should have had paid the amount for the item that is currently under question for either return or refund!
  • It might not actually work for you in case you are planning to count on the Amazon refund trick by using a promotional code or any gift coupon. You can go with this Amazon refund trick only for a product that you have had originally paid with the money available in your account.
  • It is always better to have a fair set of purchase history alongside a good amount of positive customer reviews in order to make your account reputable enough! This will make it easy for you to seek for a refund over an account that is non-reputable.
  • Using the Amazon refund trick on either phone or on your PC is absolutely similar and doesn’t create any difference!

Points to note while using the Amazon refund trick

Here are a few points that are very essential for you to keep in mind if you are planning to use the Amazon refund trick:

  • Do not use the Amazon refund trick with the same account over a single time.
  • If possible, do not keep the item at your home or your office – somewhere that holds your identity.
  • Ensure that the item isn’t too expensive!
  • Do not disclose about it to anyone, not even to your friends or family members.
  • Lastly, keep in mind that a process that have had worked for someone will essentially work for you. So, just ensure that you aren’t getting discourage if it isn’t working for you on the first go! Keep trying till it turns out to be in your favor!

A step by step guide to Get a Refund Without Returning the Item:

  • Create an Amazon account

Creating an Amazon account is very easy! It would take just a few minutes to get it done! Visit the Amazon website and click on “Create your Amazon account.” Next, enter your name, email address, and your password. Once you have entered all the information correctly, you will have to set the payment method – be it debit card, credit card, prepaid credit card or Amazon gift card. Once you have had entered the bank account credentials as well – if asked, you will now need to enter your shipping address too! Remember that Amazon will issue the refund only for accounts with valid details.

Step 1. Place a few orders with your new account

Try making at least 2-3 orders through your newly setup account. Although the price of your orders doesn’t actually matter, it is essential to ensure that Amazon finds your account reliable enough to issue the refund.

Step 2. Now, place an order

Add a few items in your card along with the one that you shall be opting to trick with! Next, select a pickup location and opt for either the standard delivery in case you aren’t in a rush and can manage to do with it even if it reaches to you in a span of 7-10 working days, or go for an expedited delivery to avail it immediately.

Step 3. Pick up your order

As soon as the order comes up to you, pick it and try acting as if you are in a hurry! Now, unpack and see what’s inside once the courier guy is gone!

Step 4. Request for a refund

You can request for the refund from Amazon by opting for either of the ways that suits best for you! At first, you may call up the Amazon’s customer service and the support executive will either try to resolve your query or escalate it to his / her superior. The next method is to write an email to Amazon’s customer service address. Ensure that you have had mentioned your order number and described your issue with relevant photographs so that it becomes clear to them. Last but not the least, you may even choose to raise a complaint through your Amazon account. As you open your account, you will see an option available therein, which allows you to file a complaint. Simply fill in all the information asked over there, and click on the Submit button.

A thumb rule:

It depends totally on you if you want to raise the issue as if you have received an empty box, or may say that you have received a fake or a different item altogether. In the latter case, Amazon might ask you to return the fake item that they have sent to you.

Remember that while you are convincing the customer care executive, you should always stay polite and persistent in your approach. Know that it is all about how well you can make the support executive understand, realize and believe in your concerns with the purchase.

Bottom line:

Amazon will at first check whether or not you are eligible for the refund. You can check the status of your refund by logging into your Amazon account and then selecting ‘Your Orders’ option. Now, find the order that you are opting to return and select on ‘View Return Details’ option. Once the refund is approved by Amazon, you will be receiving an apology letter along with the credit amount via an account credit or through an Amazon gift card. You may use the amount at ease to place an order for an another item, or simply withdraw it!

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