How to become an Android App Developer | Complete Roadmap

How to become an Android App Developer | Complete Roadmap: Android is the most popular operating system in the world, its users are active in more than 190 countries. Android has more than 2.5 billion active users.

With this, you can get an idea of how big a field is Android development, if you want to become a successful android developer or Android app developer then you must read this post till the end.

We have given links to some courses below, you can also use those courses in your Android development journey.

In today’s blog, you will be given complete step-by-step information about ‘How to become an Android Developer | Complete Roadmap’.

What is an Android?

Android is an open-source operating system which is based on the Linux kernel and this android operating system is used in devices like smartphones, tablets, TVs, etc. As well as this android operating system is also used in smartwatches. Android OS system is one of the best-selling operating systems in the world.

Android was developed by Android Inc which was bought by Google in 2005. Nowadays Android operating system is being used the most. Various types of apps are used in the Android operating system like playing music, playing games, playing video, camera, etc. Android applications are published in the Google Play Store, which runs on Android Operating System. There are more than 3.3 million apps in the Google Play Store and about 75% of the world’s population is using the Android operating system.

What is an Android App Development?

In today’s internet era, mobile phones and computers have become an important part of our lives. Today many tasks in daily life are being done through mobile applications and computer applications.

Designing software for the Android operating system is called app development. The software used in the Android operating system is called an application or app.

The person who creates the application for the Android operating system is called the Application developer and App developer who designs various types of apps for Android through the programming language from which our work is done.

Why should we learn App Development in 2022

All we are working for our lives to make it easier and faster. Much more comfortable as much as possible. All the basic stuff that we use in our daily life like payment for groceries, buying medicine, joining online classes, or taking notes in pdf form and you want to edit that. All things like travel and import-export, working in a mess, account management, and working in a 5-star hotel are all things going to be done on your smartphone with the help of your specific application.

In the world of technology, we need to learn and grow with all the required elements of technology and one of them is APP DEVELOPMENT.

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Career Scope in Android Development | Career Path & Jobs

  1. Android app developer
  2. Mobile core app developer
  3. Software developer
  4. Can work on Operating System optimization
  5. Become an User Interface (UI) developer
  6. Make your own app for your Start-Up
  7. Work as Freelancer
  8. You can develop an app for other Start-Up
  9. You can make your own course for other students on android developer
  10. Get higher pay for your job because of most demanding skills for product and service based companies right now as well as in future.

Types of App Development

There are two ways to develop applications for Android;

  • Native If you are targeting any one operating system and designing an app for it, then this kind of development is Native App Development. In Native application development we use Java, and Kotlin programming language. For example, if you are designing an app for the iOS operating system, then you use C-Objective or Swift programming language in it. And if you are designing an app for the Android operating system, then you use Java or Kotlin Programming Language.
  • Hybrid If you are developing this type of app which can work on multiple operating systems then this type of development is called Hybrid Development. In Hybrid application development we use Flutter, React-Native, or NativeScript programming language. In hybrid development the app you develop is coded only once after that we can test and run it on the different operating systems.

We suggest that if you want to become a good app developer then you should choose Native App Development because the performance of native app development is higher than hybrid app development and users get great experience in native app development. We get enhanced security in native applications and it is easier to test and debug.

Complete Roadmap for Android Development in 2022

Step 1: Choose a Laptops/PC

The very first step of your Android development journey is that you should have a laptop or PC. If you want to take your Android application journey to a good level, then you should have a good laptop or PC. You can take any operating system like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.

You will need a laptop with these minimum requirements:

Operating SystemWindow, Mac, and Linux
Processori3/i5 latest generation
Secondary Memory256/512 GB SSD

We suggest that you choose any of these laptops for good performance – Click Here

Step 2: Pick a Language Java Vs Kotlin

The very first step for you to become an Android developer is to choose a programming language, if you do not choose the right programming language, then you will not be able to do anything good in your Android developer journey. There are many types of programming languages ​​in the market that can be used in app development, but you have to choose a good programming language and take your Android app development journey ahead.

Like we told you that you should choose native app development, in this you can choose between Java and Kotlin language, if you are confused about which language we should choose, then we clear your confusion.

If you are learning the first programming language of your life then you should learn Java programming language but if you know java programming language then you can shift to Kotlin because Kotlin is an official android development language declared by google.

The conclusion is that you should choose java language first after that you can shift to Kotlin programming language.

You should learn this in java:

  • Learn the Basic of JAVA
  • Basic of Object-oriented programming (OOP)
  • Data Structure and Algorithms

Some Course for Java programming languages on YouTube

You can learn from any of the courses given below:

  1. Java Programming By Neso Academy In English- Click Here
  2. Intro to Data Structures and Algorithms by Google In English – Click Here
  3. Java Essential Training By Tutorials Point (India) pvt. ltd In English – Click Here
  4. Java + DSA (Data Structure and Algorithms) In Hindi – Click Here
  5. DSA-One Course – The Complete Data Structures and Algorithms Course In Hindi – Click Here

Best Book for Java Programming Language in 2022

  1. Beginning Programming with Java for Dummies (Beginners) – Buy Now
  2. Java: Programming Basics for Absolute Beginners (Step-By-Step Java Book 1) – Buy Now
  3. Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship – Buy Now
  4. Effective Java By Joshua Bloch (Intermediate/Advanced) – Buy Now
  5. Java: The Complete Reference, Eleventh Edition by Herbert Schildt (Intermediate/ Advanced) – Buy Now

Step 3: Need Of Android Phone

To make the journey of Android development good, you will need an Android mobile phone because the app you will design or learn to design in this journey will run on the Android operating system. And if you do not have this operating system then you will have to face many problems after one initial stage. So if you do not have an Android mobile then you should take an Android mobile.

Step 4:  Install and Set up Android Studio

Now you have to set up android-studio on your laptop or pc, in this android-studio, you will design your app and run it through android phone and see its experience on android phone.

You can set up this by watching these videos

Step 5: Designing UI with XML in Android

In Android Development we use Extensible Markup Language (XML) for designing our layouts due to its lightweight properties. It doesn’t make our layout heavy.

You can learn XML from here – Click Here

Step 6: Learn Android File Structure:

  • Android Manifest XML File
  • Java File
  • Drawable File
  • Layout File
  • mipmap File
  • Colors XML File
  • Strings XML File
  • Styles XML File
  • Build Gradle (Module: app) File

Step 7: Learn Android Studio Overview:

  • Create a new project
  • Reopen, close, save the project
  • Create a new activity, classes, drawable resource files
  • Run the app on AVD of Emulator or in a real device etc.

Step 8: Learn Android Components

  • Activity
  • Services
  • Content Provider
  • Broadcast Receiver

Step 9: These are more steps regarding your learning

  • Intents
  • Static User Interface
  • Dynamic User Interface
  • CustomView
  • UI Resources
  • Fragments
  • Support User Interface
  • Storage
  • Build Application
  • Multi-Threading
  • Debugging
  • Memory leaks
  • 3rd party library
  • Data format
  • Android jetpack
  • Architecture
  • Unit Testing
  • Firebase
  • Security
  • Application Release

Keep going to learn your android app development…

Recommended Courses for Android Development in 2022

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  • Course 5: Android Basics: Data Storage By Google – Click Here
  • Course 6: Developing Android Apps By Google – Click Here
  • Course 7: Advanced Android App Development – Click Here
  • Course 8: Firebase in a Weekend: Android By Google – Click Here
  • Course 9: Material Design for Android Developers By Google – Click Here

Best Free Courses for Android Development on YouTube in 2022

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  • Android Development Tutorial for Beginners By Anuj Bhaiya In Hindi – Click Here

Google Android Developer Documentation

Best 5 Books for Andriod Development in 2022

  1. Head First Android Development : A Brain-Friendly Guide Buy Now
  2. Android Studio 3.0 Development Essentials: Android 8 Edition – Buy Now
  3. Android Programming : The Big Nerd Rench Guide – Buy Now
  4. Android Cookbook: Problems and Solutions for Android Developers – Buy Now
  5. Android App Development For Dummies Buy Now

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