Best Ethereum Blockchain Courses and Certifications

There’s been so much noise lately about Ethereum taking over bitcoin in terms of market cap and wide adoption and just by looking at the valuation this year and the performance since the beginning of 2021 Ethereum is up 360 versus 50 or 60 for bitcoin, so that’s a major outperformance for Ethereum but today’s article is much less about valuations of digital currencies and much more about ways to help you get on the track get you the skills needed to work around the Ethereum network.

Best Ethereum Blockchain Courses and Certifications

You guessed it there’s a huge shortage of qualified and skilled people in this area so over the next few minutes I’m going to walk you through the five courses that will give you the head start to help you get ahead of your peers and get you on that Ethereum track.

Ethereum hardly needs an introduction and I suppose that if you’re reading this article, you already know what we’re talking about but, I think we’ll all agree that this is one of the most promising applications of blockchain technology. It’s quite obvious at this point that there’s a real shortage of skilled people around the Ethereum network the solidity programming language the smart contract development, and you know that Ethereum 2.0 was launched in December 2020 which really set the stage for that massive outperformance and wide adoption that we have seen in 2021 so far, so all the courses that I’m going to walk you through they are all online all very accessible and affordable.

Top Ethereum Blockchain Courses

Considering how much knowledge you get and the skills that you acquire really give you that credibility and most importantly all of these courses give you that shareable certification and certificate that you can put on your Linkedin profile attached to the resume that gives you the credibility that you need to start and get jobs in this area.

1. Ethereum blockchain developer bootcamp with solidity

It’s offered on the Udemy platform right now it’s at 26 which is ridiculously cheap they offer these really big discounts for these courses. Here and there so if you can get it at 26 I think it’s just amazing ridiculously cheap value the course offers you 13 hours of really great video courses. It’s very beginner-friendly, it takes you from a to z especially when it comes to the solidity programming language and so this solidity concept right the programming language. you’ll hear about solidity a lot, when you talk about the Ethereum network and smart contracts so solidity is an object-oriented programming language, that is used for writing smart contracts it is used for implementing smart contracts on various blockchain platforms and especially on Ethereum.

So you’ll hear about solidity a lot the solidity programming skills are something that you need to acquire.

If you want to work around the Ethereum network and become a developer or just really take a deeper dive you should get some skills around the solidity programming language,

Here so when it comes to what this course really covers right you have of course everything from solidity programming to blockchain technology. How smart contracts work the decentralized tech solution structure development functions.


  • There’s also a bunch of projects at the end that will help you cement the knowledge and the skills that you acquired and aside from the 13 hours of video resources. You have 21 articles for really deeper dives into the subject matter.
  • You have 19 downloadable resources you have a full lifetime access to all the material and of course that shareable certificate that you can display on your linkedin profile attached to your resume that give you that credibility that you have the skills.

And so just as an introduction here I want to say that this is the first course out of the five that I’m going to talk about I kind of feel that, you should take two courses around the Ethereum network.
If you really want to take a deeper dive get these skills and I think this course at 26 is a great kind of test drive for a ridiculously small amount of money to know if this is for you, and it certainly gives you a great base for taking a deeper dive with all the other courses. If you really want to become a developer in the field.

2. Certified Ethereum Expert

The second course is the certified Ethereum expert from blockchain council now blockchain council is an amazing platform.
They offer a ton of great courses around blockchain technology, so definitely take a look at the website browse all the other courses I’m going to leave the links of this course on Ethereum.

It is really custom-built it’s a custom-built certification that’s focused on the core concepts around the Ethereum blockchain, and unlike a lot of other courses that you’ll see online, this one’s really specifically built for Ethereum knowledge.


  • The course will give you a complete understanding of the ethereum blockchain an in-depth knowledge of the smart contracts and decentralized applications, business applications around the ethereum network,and introduction to decentralized autonomous organizations or the basics around solidity the programming language.
  • We talked about this is really a great course that you can do in five hours self-paced all online just like all the other courses,
  • but what I like about this course a lot is that It gives you to pass a multiple-choice exam at the end.
  • I know the exam’s actually not very very hard because you have to get 60 questions out of 100 right so 60 kind of is a pass rate there, but it certainly assures that you have paid attention that you learned the knowledge that you have the skills and again it gives you the credibility when you share it on your linkedin profile.

Put it on your resume so this platform blockchain console is an amazing platform for anything around blockchain.

3. Blockchain Specialization

This course is really very good course, number three is the blockchain specialization.
Which is on the corsair platform and is offered by the university of buffalo which is part of the state university of new york system now this course really focuses specifically on decentralized applications and smart contracts.

You quickly move to the essential concepts of the Ethereum protocol move to the smart contracts, where you really learn to design code deploy, and execute a smart contract using the solidity language.
That we keep talking about like I said earlier at the beginning of the article,
the course has four sub-sections.


  • The first one is the blockchain basics
  • Then smart contracts decentralized applications and the blockchain platforms.
  • This is about 60 hours to complete again it’s a shareable certificate at the end of it.

Now this one is taking a bit longer this is about 60 hours to complete again it’s a shareable certificate at the end of it.
But what I want to say here is this is offered on the Coursera platform which I like a lot of these courses are offered on this Coursera platform.

But what I want to say here is this is offered on the Coursera platform which I like a lot of these courses are offered on this Coursera platform.
Usually backed by some really reputable institutions they are always very well designed, and this is no exception so this is a great course to consider around the Ethereum network the smart contract applications.

4. Certified Smart Contract Developer

Course number four is the certified smart contract developer from blockchain council so we talked about this blockchain council platform earlier, this is an amazing platform containing a lot of great courses around blockchain technology. So definitely explore their website but here this course despite the kind of lofty name is for also people that have no experience or very little experience around the Ethereum blockchain.


  • It’s very practical it’s really designed to teach you the smart contract applications in a bunch of different industries so you learn about smart contracts in healthcare governance crowdfunding, data storage auto sector, real estate supply chain self-driving cars and it has several projects that really take you down to a very practical level.
  • You learn to create the smart contracts the buying and selling the filing again everything around the solidity programming language.
  • It has a multiple-choice exam at the end, so it really gives you that confidence that you acquire the skills and learn what the course contained. And you pass that exam and again if you fail it there are multiple tries if you have to pass it again.

We keep talking about, what I like about this course here is that like before
It has a multiple-choice exam at the end, so it really gives you that confidence that you acquire the skills and learn what the course contained. And you pass that exam and again if you fail it there are multiple tries if you have to pass it again, but it gives you that shareable certificate that you can attach to your LinkedIn profile put on your resume this is a course that doesn’t take very long it’s about four hours at your own pace online.

5. Certified Solidity Developer

finally, course number five is a certified solidity developer from the blockchain council, so again blockchain council is front and center of this article because they offer these really amazing courses on their platform around blockchain technology. Specifically, this one is this is really all about solidity like we said in the beginning solidity is the object-oriented programming language that is designed to build and deploy smart contracts, so if you want to be working around the Ethereum applications you need to understand solidity.


  • This course here you know aside from a great introduction to blockchain as a technology and ethereum it really is all about solidity
  • This is a very very deep dive into helping you become a solidity developer ultimately, and like all the other courses all online self-paced giving you that shareable certificate at the end.
  • When you pass the multiple choice exam which isn’t very hard and you can repeat it but again a great course i’d say like I said earlier a great compliment to one other course in this area that should give you that really deep knowledge and these skills that are super air and highly in demand right now. all right so much for five.

Really amazing courses around the Ethereum network like I said. this is part of the future of Ethereum taking over bitcoin to some degree at least we could argue that point but a lot of people compare blockchain to the internet. This technology whether it’s going to be Ethereum or some other tech around the blockchain will be part of our future. It’s going to be part of how a lot of the industries and a lot of our lives are driven because a lot of activities are going to be moving into the blockchain. And so understanding this area even if you don’t want to be a developer but understanding this area, generally speaking, is important because life’s moving right and these courses whether you want to work in this field and these courses will help you become attractive few employers or are just simply interested this is going to be part of our future. So make sure you get involved take a course pick one of the five. I like these courses anyway thanks for hanging out today.

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