Best Blockchain Courses And Certifications

When it comes to talking ab­­­out FinTech (Financial technology). There are two types of questions I’ve been hearing lately and one is what the heck is blockchain and is it the same thing as bitcoin and the other question is why do I even need to understand blockchain as a technology.

Best Blockchain Courses And Certifications

The answer is quite simple it’s the future it at least a part of it I’ve heard so many people compare blockchain technology to the internet. Now I don’t know if I would go myself that far in terms of how revolutionary blockchain can become for us but clearly when you look around yourself we use it on a day-to-day basis this is everything from smart contracts to safe records keeping, electronic identification, third-party guarantees, supply chain management, and obviously cryptocurrencies.

Best 5 Courses For Blockchain Technology

Now the issue is that traditional education doesn’t really address that very well just yet, so whether you’re a graduate looking for that first job or an experienced professional working for a company that’s beginning to transition into blockchain tech for at least a portion of their business you want to be part of that future.

So today I want to give you five online courses that are really good in terms of getting you from that you know complete beginner or not really sure about what it is, choosing how deep you want to go into potentially being a complete pro when it comes to developing blockchain as a tech.

What is Blockchain?

All right before we get in the details on these courses let’s spend a second defining what blockchain really is because I’m always a little annoyed when I hear people discussing fintech and throwing all these words in the same basket without always necessarily taking the time to understand what is being discussed properly.

So when it comes to the blockchain as a concept right imagine a block a piece of information that is recorded and stored and then is linked to another block another piece of information that contains the same information as the first one plus more information, so it verifies what was recorded previously and adds more information to that, so for forming a chain effectively and then you have the third block, etc.

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You form this chain of separately recorded stored pieces of information so effectively when you think about blockchain as a concept it is a decentralized distributed ledger of information very often public formed on a peer-to-peer network. So what that really means is also that it’s extremely secure because you can’t really modify a previous block, previously stored piece of information without also modifying all the subsequent blocks of information.

Why we need to learn Blockchain Technology?

So obviously bitcoin runs on blockchain but the blockchain is so much more than cryptocurrencies and that’s what these courses are gonna help you understand.

Now clearly there’s a shortage of skilled and talented people in the space and that’s why it’s such a huge demand for these jobs and these courses will help you cross that bridge either to get that job you want or help you transition and move on to this new tech that is being introduced in a company that you potentially work for.

Detailed Courses For Blockchain Technology

Let’s start introduce the list of courses.

Become A Blockchain Developer Nanodegree Program From Udacity

The first course on the list is the Blockchain Developer Nanodegree from Udacity.

This is the most comprehensive, most in-depth course on the list. Taking really from a complete beginner to a pro, so if you’re willing to commit some real-time and knowledge this is the course for you. They take you from the beginnings and the blockchain fundamentals and architecture to you know the second generation of blockchain services with smart contracts using the ethereum network tokens and DAPPS (DAPPS is a decentralized application). Then you get to build your own dapp and then you have a capstone project at the end.

Estimated Time4 Month
PrerequisitesObject-Oriented Programming
Real-World ProjectsYes
Project Reviewers1400+
Projects Reviewed2.7 M

Aside from this course, there’s what’s really good about this udacity course is that you have a lot of kind of professional services and resume help to really help you take what you learn in this course and make this transition and get to use it in the real world. It takes about 4 months it costs a few hundred dollars you get 30 days free in the beginning, so definitely something you can kind of test drive and see if this is for you but really a very comprehensive very detailed in-depth course if you’re serious about blockchain.

For More Details of Course:

Blockchain Revolution in Financial Services Specialization

The second course is “Blockchain Revolution in Financial Services by INSEAD”. Now insert is obviously a huge name in the business school world this is a huge boost for your resume for your LinkedIn profile definitely a hugely reputable course, but what’s interesting about this course is that it specifically focuses on blockchain in the financial services industry. So you know if you work in fintech, finance, banking, trading, wealth management you name it this is the course for you really.

Estimated Time5 Month
LevelBeginner Level
Offered byINSEAD

What’s interesting here is that it is really kind of discusses and covers the conflicts between the traditional banking system and kind of the pressures that are being exerted by you know all of these decentralized finance technologies and obviously the fintech world competing with the traditional banking world but there are four parts to this course.

There are 4 Courses in this Specialization

  • Introduction to Blockchain for Financial Services
  • Blockchain, Cryptoassests, and Decentralized Finance
  • Blockchain Transformation of Financial Services
  • Blockchain in Financial Services: Strategic Action Plan

This is a hugely popular name obviously mammoth of business schools with a giant reputation behind it so I fully recommend this course by instead.

Full Details of Course:

Blockchain Revolution Specialization

It’s also by INSEAD. So this is a second course by INSEAD I’m putting on the list here and I’m doing it for two reasons right, number one INSEAD is really a giant of business schools education and this is a name that you want to have on your resume or on your LinkedIn profile but simply this is really quality education with a hugely reputable name behind it, but the other reason is you know the first one that we talked about was really focused on financial services this one is a lot more generic not specifically focused on financial services but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t go in-depth right.

Estimated Time5 Month
LevelBeginner Level
Offered byINSEAD

It goes well beyond the basics and discusses real-world business applications and the implications of blockchain. It’s also got really high ratings from the people that took the course it’s one of the most popular courses on blockchain.

There are 4 Courses in this Specialization

  • Introduction to Blockchain Technologies
  • Transacting on the Blockchain
  • Blockchain and Business: Applications and Implications
  • Blockchain Opportunity Analysis

I fully recommend INSEAD is a huge name and this course like I said is one of the most popular courses on blockchain.

Full Details of Course:

Online Degree™ in Cryptocurrency & Trading By Blockchain Council

Four-course is the Online Degree in Cryptocurrency and Trading from the Blockchain Council. This is a very interesting course and very popular obviously because of cryptocurrencies. This is usually where people hear about blockchain for the first time but this course starts with introducing you to blockchain but then takes a really deep dive into bitcoin and you cover everything from wallets, mining, regulations, vocabulary, security, margin lending, how to avoid the most common crypto scams as well and then you move on to topics explaining, how icos work, how cryptocurrency is priced, what determines their value.

WebsiteBlockchain Council
Course Duration5 Hours
Certification ValidityLifetime

This is a very interesting course because you know clearly this is not just blockchain but this is really blockchain with crypto together but it also you know discusses trading psychology charts risk management takes about eight hours everything’s again online this blockchain council has a number of courses on their website so feel free to go through some of the other ones but this is a very interesting course. I wanted to put it on the list simply because it really addresses specifically cryptocurrencies as it relates to blockchain how to trade them how to understand the whole trading environment so again a great course I think for people that are interested in crypto and transact cryptocurrencies.

Full Details of Course:

Certified Blockchain Developer™

Course number five is a Certified Blockchain Developer from the Blockchain Council as well now this course really focuses very much on the development side of blockchain just like the first course we discussed earlier but it’s really designed for front-end and back-end developers’ data administrators.

WebsiteBlockchain Council
Course Duration15 Hours
Certification ValidityLifetime

You learn about things like stellar hyperledger, multi-chain, ethereum, Corda. But really despite the depth and kind of real expertise that you gain in this course it’s also very well suited for newcomers because it really takes you from that you know a beginner type of level to somebody that can you know get a job in a tech company or a financial services company as a blockchain engineer developer and like we discussed earlier there’s a real shortage of these you know of talented and skilled people in this area.

So again this course just like the very first one focuses very much on the development side of blockchain. Certainly, this course has a very good reputation and amazing reviews.

Full Details of Course:

So that’s all from the list of really good courses on blockchain. I think this pandemic you know 12-15 months really offered a lot of people a chance to kind of change directions upgrade their resumes upgrade their skills a lot of these courses are free or very affordable.

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