Consumer Electronics Show 2022 | CES 2022 History

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Consumer Electronics Show 2022 | CES 2022 History

The first and world’s biggest show of the year 2022, CES i.e. Consumer Electronics Show will be held from January 5 to 7 this month. This show which is based on new gadgets and new technology, this event is discussed throughout the year. In this event, many companies launch new products which are surprising in some technology. The CES is held at the Convention Center in Las Vegas, US. But talking about the first event of this show, it was done in 1967 in New York City. Let’s have a look about its history

History of Consumer Electronics Show

The history of the Consumer Electronics Show is very interesting. Let’s know about its interesting history

250 Companies Attended the First Show of CES

As you know, the first show started in 1967. But at that time it was not organized in January but from June 24 to June 28. In which about 17500 British participated. In this first Consumer Electronics Show, a total of two hundred and fifty companies participated along with some big companies like LG Motorola Philips. The area of the event was one lakh square feet. The highlight of the event was the introduction of new technologies like TVs with integrated circuits and pocket radios.

Events started happening twice in a year

After 1967, the show continued like this and the show had reached a different height. Seeing its success, it was decided that this show should be done twice a year. In 1978, it was decided to do it twice in 1 year. In the month of January, it was held in Las Vegas as the Winter Consumer Electronics Show and in June it was named the Chicago Summer Consumer Electronics Show. In this way, the series of this show went on for 16 years i.e. till 1994. The Winter Show in Las Vegas became more popular than the Summer Show in Chicago. People started liking the WCES show i.e. Winter Consumer Electronic Show more. In such a situation, in 1995, the convention center was made in Las Vegas for this show.

Reached over 1.75 lakh visitors in 2019

Starting with 17500 visitors, the show reached one lakh fifty thousand visitors in 2006. From this, you can get an idea of how popular this show was. In this way, the show also became the largest electronics event in the United States, after which more than one lakh visitors have been attending the show every year. And in the year 2019, the number of visitors to this show had reached 1 lakh 75 thousand. In the year 2019, this show was organized in an area of 167000 square feet, which was bigger than a cricket ground.

Virtual Event Held for the first time in 2021

As you all know how much the risk of Covid-19 had increased in the whole world from the year 2020. In view of this danger, the world’s largest electronics show was organized virtual for the first time in 2021. For the first time in the 52-year history of this show, the show was made virtual. For the first time, there was no crowd at the convention center in Las Vegas, US. In the year 2020 also, about two lakh visitors took part in this show.

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The products and technologies that made headlines in the history of the Consumer Electronics Show

1974LaserDisc Player
1981Camcorder & CD Player
1990Digital Audio Technology
1991Compact Disc Interactive
1994Digital Satellite System
1995Digital Versatile Disc
1998HD TV
1999Hard Disk VCR
2000Satellite Radio
2001Microsoft Xbox and Plasma TV
2002Home Media Server
2003Blue-Ray DVD & HD TV DVR
2004HD Radio
2005Internet Protocol TV
2007Convergence Offers Content and Technology
20093D HD TV
2013Ultra HD TV
20185G Connectivity
2019LG Rollable OLED TV
2020Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Fold
2021Digital Face Mask

Now the Convention Center equal to 22 Cricket Grounds

As the show is reaching new heights. By the way, the scope of the convention center is also increasing. The convention center of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is spread over an area of 3.2 million square feet. Its area is so large that it is equal to 22 cricket grounds, with an exit of 200,000 square feet, an exhibit hall floor in 2 lakh square feet and meeting space in 250,000 square feet. There are also 1 lakh guest rooms, 144 meeting rooms with a capacity of 20 to 2500 people. It is operated by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA). It is also the largest convention center in the world.

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