Difference Between Ebook and Printed Book?

Hello, I’m from quickstudyhelper.com today I am going to describe what is the difference between an e-book and a printed book. Many people are getting confused to understand the difference between ebooks and printed booksIf you want to understand the difference then read the full article.

Difference Between Ebook and Printed Book?

What makes an e-book different from a printing book

  • One simple fact that consistently appears is that e-book readers are more popular and less expensive and sometimes there are lots of free ebooks available 
  • Due to the increasing cost of a printed books supplies, lots of publishing companies are now being agreed to issue ebooks
  • These certain activities make us wonder if ebooks might as well replace the real printed ones.

Key Difference:

  • EBOOK: It is an electronic version of a standard printed book
  • Printed Book: A printed book is basically a set of printed sheets of paper that are sort out and enveloped in a protective cover.

Comparison Between Printed Books and Ebooks:

Printed Books:

  1. The practical experience in reading a physical printed in paper books are quite more extensive this is because it allows you to use more than one of your own feelings like the vision, smell, and touch. This is especially true to those old novels in ancient books also there are circumstances that the pictures in a printed book offer you more activation than the digital format. 
  2. You might have the ability to write and do anything you want to a printed book as long as it belongs to you you may be able to write your name in it cut its images out show it on your bookshelf or even write notes in its margins.
  3. Using a paper printed book keeps you from being diverted into the software seen in certain device clocks and others this is a more attractive treat if you want to enjoy what you are reading and get away from reality.
  4. There is no need to worry about any form of infringement the instant you purchase the printed book you have the capabilities to pass information from that book to others.
  5. You may market your old purchased books this gives you the opportunity to have an income from your used books also you can buy books at a lesser price because of this.
  6. Not all paper-printed books have an e-book available this is most especially true with the extremely old classical books journals and others.


  1. Printed books are very large and sometimes messy than ebooks.
  2. Ebooks costs are oftentimes lesser because manufacturers and publishers do not need to use any hand use elements and resources.
  3. Even if an e-reader is expensive at times still it is all worth it Digital ebooks cannot be easily lost become, wet, or damaged.
  4. E-readers can save hundreds of ebooks in one time also you may have accessed directly to lots of software in your device like clock internet access messaging if it’s a smartphone dictionary and others
  5. Offers privacy, consumers will not be able to find what book you are reading with an e-book you can also have the ability to open more than one ebook into your device.

An e-reader also has the potential detected by a password which makes your device and ebooks more secured.


Paper printed books and eBooks have their own differences they could be of a kind of advantage or disadvantage to the readers.
However, it will always be to the discretion of the reader whether or not to use both materials or just one of them.

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