Relevel by Unacademy: Platform To Succeed

Relevel by Unacademy: Platform To Succeed: In the world of tech, all of us are need to be aware of the technology that changes every time. To make yourself updated in this world you have to know all the things about this wonderful technology and be with the technology skills. But, a lack of awareness will make your knowledge and field concise. In the Information Technology Industry, things change rapidly, and if you talk about employment or the people who work in the IT industry have very good ideas for an unemployed person or who want to excel in the field of IT industry.

Relevel by Unacademy: Platform To Succeed

Many of the people who worked in the industry doing outstanding things for us. Like the Relevel platform. If you want to know about this platform then be with us. We will tell you everything about The Relevel platform by Unacademy.

Brief Information About Relevel (by Unacademy)

Relevel is an online platform that helps people to learn skills, crack the test, and get hired! This is the only platform where you can learn skills from an expert who has experience in real-world application and has worked in that field for more than 10 years. Many top leading companies like CRED, 1MG, MEESHO, upGrade, and other 200+ leading companies trust the Relevel platform. Many of the people learned skills from this platform and got selected in the topmost leading companies.

So friends if you are searching platforms like this then be with us. We will tell you everything about Relevel.

What is Relevel ?

Relevel is an online platform that is organized by Unacademy. On this platform, you have the opportunity to learn very useful skills and got hired by top leading companies. This platform conducts a test which is called the “Relevel Test” and connects your CV and Resumes to the companies. By using this platform you have opportunities for over 2000+ jobs from 200+ leading companies. And if you talk about the salary then, the Relevel user got up to 40 LPA. This is the reputation of this platform.

What Relevel is doing ?

Relevel has different kinds of courses by which you have to learn one of them or if you have learned it from anywhere then use your skills to crack the Relevel Test and after that test, you have the opportunity to interact with some of the HR of the leading companies. When you just cracked the test you have lots of options, like grabbing the job, having interviews with HR, and lots of goodies will send to you on craking the Relevel Test.

Courses available on Relevel

  • Backend Development Course
  • Frontend Development Course
  • Business Development Course
  • Fullstack Development Course
  • Business Analytics Course
  • Data Science Course

How you can join Relevel ?

Relevel has a very easy and simple process to be done. There are 4 basic steps to get the job done.

1. Book a Test

We will tell you about the test in detail so that all your doubts will be cleared at the end of this article. In this platform, you have two types of tests. This test has a total mark of 1000. And if you got 700+ marks then you have the only chance to select for an interview otherwise, you have to leave the test or you will need to reschedule your test again.

  1. Business Test
  2. Technical Test

Business Test

In this test, you have different kinds of opportunities and post available, like the Business development test, Business analytics test, Associate Product Management test, HR Gearnlist test, and Operation Associate test. The Business test covers all of these skills require.

Technical Test

In this test, you have other skills requirements like Front-end, back-end, Data analytics, and Fullstack development.

When you have chosen your test, then you will come to know that the test was conducted in two-phase.

Phase 1: Phase 1 contains two rounds

  • Round 1 :- It has an aptitude test that contains 50 MCQ questions for 150 marks and you have 60 minutes to solve them
  • Round 2:-Round 2 has 30 MCQ questions for 150 marks and you have 45 minutes to solve them and it is based on Business Scenario. After completion of phase 1, your test will move further towards phase 2.

Phase 2: Phase 2 contain 3 rounds

  • Round 3:- This round will test your writing skills and communication skills by essays and video recorded seasons. This round has total 60 minutes and total marks will be 200.
  • Round 4:- This round will test your ability to handle the problem, your pitch, handle objection while you making some sale of product or srevice and last they check your negotiation ability. This round has 60 minutes and it has maximum marks of 300.
  • Round 5:- This is the full and final round because this is an interview. In this interview they will check your ability of handling objection and your communication skills or every different scenario that can be done by your post for which you applied.

2. Take the test

All the things about the test have been written above, all you need to prepare for your test. You have also an opportunity for preparing your test from Relevel platform. firstly you have to choose one of the courses in which you are interested. And they will teach you how to clear the Relevel Test. The courses contain live classes by the top and experienced educators. You also have doubt season and projects done by the educators. Real-world projects will really help you in this field.

Note: If you have scored 700+ then you also get some of the winning prizes, like Mac book, iPhone, mugs, t-shirts, and much more goodies.

3. Interview with companies

This is the step that will come when you have scored more than 700+ in your Relevel Test. This is the real interview with the HRs of companies and it is totally online mode. In this interview, they will test your everything, your aptitude, your communication skills, objection handling process during the sale of product or services, and most important your presentation regarding your product and your services. Once you have cleared your Interview, then you have lots of chances to get the job with a very high package.

4. Get Hired

This is the final step to go for your job. After clearing your Interview, you got multiple requests from lots of leading companies, so choose your dream company and go for it. If you want to know about the job delivered by The Relevel then I will tell you about this. Relevel has delivered a 10Cr+ worth job to the IT industry. This is a very trustworthy platform for the youth and for the students.

Relevel Official Website – Click Here

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