Windows 11 Now Available for Download in India

Windows 11 Now Available for Download in India: All of you were eagerly waiting for Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 11 when it will be available for download in India, but now your wait is over. In today’s best blog we will know about windows 11. If you were also waiting for the launch of Microsoft Windows 11, then you must read this article.

Windows 11 Now Available for Download in India

There is very good news for Windows users that Microsoft has officially launched Windows 11 OS, if you were waiting for Windows 11, then this wait is over now. Now you can download Windows 11 on your laptop and desktop. If you want to upgrade your laptop or desktop to windows 11 then you can do it easily.

Windows 11 OS Launched In India For All Windows Users

People will get to see many new features in it as well as some good changes will also be seen, apart from the windows 11 updates, the company has also released Office 2021.

Important things to do on Windows 11 Update on Old or Existing PCs and Laptops

If you are already a computer or laptop user, then you will definitely want to install Windows 11 in your system but you have to keep some things in mind.

  • To update windows 11 from any windows operating system, your computer must have at least 2 core processor and at least 1 GHz clock speed.
  • For Windows 11 operating system, the computer must have at least 64GB storage and 4GB RAM. If your PC does not have this specification then you will not be able to experience Windows 11.
  • If you are using the original version of Windows 10 from Microsoft, then only you will get the option to upgrade to Windows 11.
  • Make sure you have good internet speed before upgrading to Windows 11.
  • Be sure to back up your computer before upgrading Windows. Because your files may get deleted during the update.

How to Upgrade Windows?

  1. Before upgrading you need to check your laptop or computer and make sure whether it will support Windows 11 or not.
  2. For this you can download Microsoft’s official software PC Health Check.
  3. Now go to settings by pressing the Windows key + I together.
  4. After this you will see the option of Update and Security.
  5. Click on Update & Security.
  6. After that click on Check for Updates button and wait for sometime.
  7. If your PC will upgrade then you will get a message upgrade to windows 11 is ready.
  8. After that click on Download and Install button.
  9. This way you will be able to upgrade it very easily.

Download Windows 11 From Microsoft

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