Apple’s New Technology | Apple’s Privacy Glasses

Hello friends, in today’s new blog we are going to talk about the new technology of Apple. Apple is bringing the feature of Privacy Glass. So if you want to know about this new technology, then read this blog till the end.

Apple’s New Technology | Apple’s Privacy Glasses

Friends, you must have known about the Apple company. Apple keeps bringing its good products in the market and these products are also very popular, similarly, Apple’s laptops and mobiles are known for their high-level security and build quality. Now Apple is going to bring a new technology which is related to your privacy. He is creating a new technology that will improve your privacy further, this improvement will be very different.

Apple Privacy Eyewear


Suppose you are sitting with a person and are watching some important work or content on your phone, then you would like that person not to read it. If so, Apple is working on glasses that will block others from viewing content on the iPhone’s screen. The name of this feature will be Privacy Eyewear. Which will show on-screen content on your iPhone only when you wear it. Due to this people sitting next to you will not be able to see the content of your screen.

This has been revealed from the application filed by Apple in the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Benefits of Privacy Classes

If we talk about the benefits of privacy glasses, then if you are at a bus stop, railway station, or any crowded place and you are doing online transactions or seeing some important documents, then the risk of your privacy increases here. So if you are using these privacy classes then you can use your transaction password or required documents without showing any person sitting next to you. Meaning that without showing your screen contact to any person, you can access it and protect it from anyone.

User will be able to blur the screen

Through these glasses, you will have complete control over your privacy. If you want to blur the user screen then you can blur the screen with the calibration graphics option. According to the patent, the smartphone will get a standard graphical output on the glass, so that whatever work you do in your smartphone will be visible in this glass.

Along with this, Apple is also working on the Face ID profile for the user. Apart from this, a feature is also being worked on that will help other users to identify the difference between their hairstyle, mustache, beard, sunglasses and reading glasses, etc. Apple can integrate both patents.

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Now let’s talk about those cool technologies, which were started by Apple itself with its products.

1. Use of Gorilla Glass

If we talk about the use of Gorilla Glass coming into the smartphone, then that too was first done by the Apple company. Apple company has started many technologies, we are all using it well

Before the use of Gorilla Glass, the glass that was used was neither too thin nor was it found to be so strong. Due to the use of Gorilla Glass, apart from having a thin display, their strength is also maintained as well as there are no scratches on the screen.

2. USB Port

You must have known about the USB port coming in the laptop, it was also started by the Apple company. After the introduction of the USB port on iMac, all other companies also started giving the feature of the USB port. And the number of computers supporting USB ports started increasing throughout the market.

3. Fingerprint Scanner in Smartphone

All of you must have used fingerprint in your computer and laptop. Do you know that this fingerprint technology was also started by Apple itself. Launched in 2013, the iPhone 5S was the first to launch with fingerprint technology. It was the first smartphone in the world to feature a fingerprint scanner.

4. Trackpad/Touchpad

If you use a laptop, then you must have used the feature trackpad that comes in the laptop. But you might not know about the history of this trackpad. This trackpad was introduced by Apple in 1994. Apple’s laptops were first used on a 2-inch track with the PowerBook 500 series of notebooks.

5. Multitouch Feature

If you want to zoom any photo or any browser content in mobile, then you use two fingers on the screen, using fingers you are able to zoom the photo, this feature is called multi-touch feature. Talking about its technology, this technology was also brought by Apple. This technology was started in 2007. Which was first used by Apple in Apple’s iPhone.

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