Top 10 Best Fantasy Cricket Apps 2022 – Predict to Win Real Cash

Nowadays a lot of Prediction Apps comes out in the market, but choosing the best one is really hard, also there are lots of FAKE Apps so today we are come up with top 10 best fantasy cricket apps of 2022 by which you can win real cash easily.

Cricket and Indian. What more to say about the intimate connection between these two? The relationship between Cricket as a game and the Indian audience is simply indescribable. Not only do they love playing the game and engaging in intense discussion, but they also love participating in Cricket based games and sports bets.

Best Fantasy Cricket Apps
Top best fantasy cricket prediction apps , win real cash

If you are a cricket fan and love playing it but cannot do it on the ground, there is a solution for guys. You can now execute your cricket fantasy with some of the best Cricket fantasy prediction apps.

Cricket fantasy apps let you know about the latest scores and news in the industry. You can participate in the game competitions and win exciting rewards, including cash prizes, every day.

These prediction apps have gained intense popularity over the short duration of their release. The foundation of such apps began with the very first Dream-11 app. It was the initial fantasy cricket mobile application to launch in India. And like that, this guide will point out the best ten fantasy prediction apps you can find in the market today.

Seeing how the Dream-11 apps boosted the sales of the games app market, several reliable and relevant platforms came about. With the IPL advent, the number of users increased by a lot.

Top 10 Best Fantasy Cricket Apps 2022

The list of apps here is legit and exciting to ensure you do not face any scams or frauds with such prediction games.


Dream11 best Fantasy Cricket app

As the first of its kind in the gaming category, Dream11 is the best and most popular game, with tons of active users. It is a cricket fantasy app where players can engage in online games and win huge cash prizes. At this point, it has over crores of users, making it the top fantasy prediction app on the list.

This platform is easy to play and satisfies its users with multiple benefits. From a diverse range of sports games to numerous game contests daily, from an extensive database to massive prize pools, Dream11 has everything that players would want.

Even though the base sport here is Cricket, you also get other games like handball, football, basketball, baseball, etc., to name a few. New users can participate in game leagues for free and gather knowledge on how the game goes. As a joining bonus, Dream11 provides the users free Rs.100 that can be used in the game later.

Withdrawing your cash prizes is also very simple on this platform. If you win something, it can be instantly drawn from your verified account on your profile.

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Probo best Fantasy Prediction app

The next popular fantasy prediction app on our list is the Probo. What makes this platform different from many of the same prediction apps is that it enables the users to their opinions on the game’s future events. If their prediction on the game turns out to be accurate, that user wins and can make money from it.

The predictions are not descriptive type. It mainly contains open-ended questions that the participating users can answer objectively with a yes or a no. The user’s position in the prediction game is determined by how they analyze and develop their predictions about the game or an event. And based on how plausible their strategy and answer are, they win or make extra cash.

Probo has straightforward gameplay. Even if you are a newbie in this prediction game, you have chances to win cash prizes. Since the Probo app is compatible with mobile phones, you can download it via their official website. To enter the game, you have to register an account and add about Rs.20 to your wallet in the game. That money will be used to enter tournaments and improve your position eventually.

The best thing about this prediction app is that even though people participate mainly in cricket prediction games, you can also try your luck in other events like crypto, stocks, business, finances, etc.

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My Team 11


My Team 11 is very much identical to the Dream 11 prediction app. Similar to how the actual game of Cricket is played, you will need 11 other players in both teams to participate here. Since the number of players waiting to enter the game is many, you can use your skills and knowledge to pick the best players.

Although My Team 11 is similar to Dream 11, what distinguishes this platform is that participating players have a higher probability of winning a bet as they can review the available teams and clubs.

A variety of tournaments and events are held on this platform. You can often participate in them for free and even win cash prizes. The fantasy app gives about Rs.100 as a joining bonus to enter Paid tournaments and events. If you are in luck, you can win cash rewards of up to Rs. 1 crore.

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Nostra Pro


Do you believe that Nostra Pro, as one of the biggest fantasy sports and gaming applications, has over 10 million active verified users? Well, surprisingly, Indian audiences not only love watching Cricket and predicting its future events but also enjoy playing sports-based games. That is why cricket fantasy apps are so popular and top the gaming category in India.

The Nostra Pro platform asks the users to predict a given match through a few questions. If their answer matches the prediction, they get positive points; otherwise, they get negative points for incorrect solutions to the prediction questions. Like most fantasy prediction apps, Nostra Pro offers new users a welcome bonus of Rs.100 that can be used later in the game.

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Dugg Out

If you are crazy about Cricket and what goes around in the cricket industry, this gaming app is for you. Dugg Out is a unique fantasy prediction app where users have to use their cricket knowledge to predict answers and win some real cash prizes. It has been some time since it came to the market, and it is considered one of the many genuine cricket fantasy prediction apps.

The app has several exciting features to categorize the players to make the best team selection. One such feature enables the app to select the three best players amongst its users as the Star Players. These star players are categorized as Silver, Gold, and Platinum. This label also often influences your scope to win higher cash prizes.

At this moment, the app is providing a promotional offer to attract new users wherein they get up to Rs.50 as a joining bonus and Rs.50 as a referral bonus. As the app is fundamental, navigating through it is simple as well.

ProSports 11

We, as Indians, love watching IPL. Whenever the IPL season arrives, everyone gets excited to shout out for their favorite teams and players. They even predict who might win the following matches. ProSports 11 is another fantasy cricket gaming app whose popularity skyrockets during IPL days.

This gaming app has garnered much attention and traction in the Indian gaming market with unprecedented exposure to a diverse audience. The app offers its users much, with numerous exciting offers and rewards. If you play any game here, you have equal chances to win a large amount of cash.

Since the IPL is all about cross-tournaments between teams and winners, ProSports 11 has something similar for its diverse users. Not only do you get to learn about IPL gaming strategies, but you also take up excellent opportunities to win prizes.

When you newly register to the app, you get about Rs. 150 as a sign-up bonus. Apart from that, it also provides referral coupons of about Rs. 250. This amount can be used to participate in paid tournaments.

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As a sports fantasy prediction gaming app, this app has something like that of a free-to-play genre. In Tenner, you simply have to answer a few questions and increase your chances of winning fantastic cash prizes.

Unlike the setup and schedules prediction questions from other prediction apps, Tenner allows the user to the prediction game to their choice of sports. Whichever sport you select, you will get five questions for which you have to predict your answer, hopefully correct.

You can win worthy cash prizes with the correct prediction answers to the questions. The prizes category is even more interesting if you are on top of the leaderboard or the game positioning.

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BalleBaazi Fantasy Cricket

Ballebaazi Fantasy Cricket app

It is very elementary to assume what this app could be about. The name itself suggests the type of gaming app it is. BalleBaazi, in general, or in the Hindi language, is Cricket. Hence, this app has every detail and information about the sport to make the game more exciting and fun.

When you newly join the app, it offers Rs. 50 as a joining bonus and another Rs. 50 as a referral bonus for your friends. But as a new fantasy prediction app in the market, it also offers a free sign-up or 100% signing-up bonus. That is an interesting strategy by the app to attract new users. As the app is highly used during the one-day and IPL sessions, the winning amounts also are exciting.

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Fantasy Power 11

Fantasy power 11

Fantasy Power 11 is technically a new prediction app in the Indian gaming market. As a recent release, this gaming app has hard-to-resist offers with exciting rewards and gameplay. This app requires users to predict and answer the tournament’s potential score correctly. You get the chance to win about Rs. 5 lakh if you win.

Also, the app offers an Rs. 20 signing-up bonus to new members with an additional referral amount of Rs.20. To register for this app, you must provide your working mobile number with an email ID. Excitingly, you can withdraw your winning cash prizes from your game profile via PayTM.

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FanMojo Fantasy Cricket App

Fanmojo fantasy cricket app

The last but not the least fantasy prediction cricket app on our list today is the popular FanMojo. The app allows you to pick the batsman for the teams participating in the tournament. If you win, you can win real cash. While the selection process for the two batsmen is simple, you must ensure that they fit best in their gameplay.

Besides batsmen, you can pick your team’s captain and vice-captain. Newly registered members get up to Rs.15 signing up bonus. Also, you can enter any league or tournament you want in the app. There is no restriction to that.

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Bottom line

So, these are the few best ten cricket fantasy predictions apps you can play in India. With a few welcome bonuses, referrals, and a scope to win real cash rewards, such apps attract more players. You should join such games now if you have cricket knowledge and know-how IPL works. You can use your understanding of the sport, analyze the league situation, and attempt to give the correct answer to the prediction questions.

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