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Hoote Voice-Based Social Platform: Hello friends, in today’s blog we are going to talk about a new social media platform “Hoote” that has recently been launched by superstar Rajinikanth.
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Hoote Voice-Based Social Platform Lunched By Rajinikanth

Recently launched this is an Indian app which is a voice-based app. This app is made by the daughter of superstar Rajinikanth. They have given this app a unique name “Hoote”.

It is being said that this app has been named the voice of the white owl.

Hoote has been co-founded by Rajinikanth’s daughter and filmmaker Soundarya Vishagan along with Sunny Pokala, CEO of IT firm Amtex

After launching this app, Rajinikanth wrote on his Twitter social media account that Hoote is a voice-based social media platform, from India’s side to all over the world.

What is Hoote App?

This app is a recently launched social media platform that is completely based on voice, through this app users will be able to share their thoughts through their voice or voice notes. In this app, you will also get the option of background music so that you can apply music according to your choice in the background of your voice note. This is a very cool feature of this app.
If you want to convey your thoughts to someone else, then you can share your thoughts using the app.

Name Hoote: Voice Based Social App
CompanyHoote Global Technologies Private Limited
Downloads50,000+ (till 27 Oct 2021)
Email[email protected]
WebsiteClick Here
Play Store Click Here
Apple StoreClick Here

Hoote App Language Support

If we talk about the language support of this app, then this app supports Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Gujarati, and three international languages.

How to install Hoote App

You can download this app from Google’s Play Store and Apple’s Apple Store, if you use an Android phone, then you can easily download this app from Play Store for free, similarly if you use Apple’s phone. Even you can easily download it for free.

  • Step1: Open Play Store
  • Step2: Search ‘Hoote’
  • Step3: Click On Hoote: Voice Based Social App
  • Step4: Click on ‘Install’

How to create a Hoote account

The process of setting up an account is very easy, you can complete it in the steps given below:

  • Step1: Download App
  • Step2: Open Hoote App
  • Step:3 Choose Your Language
  • Step4: Press Next on Welcome to Hoote
  • Step5: Enter Your Number / Email ID
  • Step6: Click On Generate OTP
  • Step7: Enter OTP and Verify OTP
  • Step8: Enter Your Name and Profession
  • Step9: Click Next
  • Step10: Enter Hoote User Name
  • Step11: Tell Us About Yourself
  • Step12: Click Next

Your Hoote Account Is Ready To Use.

How to use Hoote App

  • With this app, users can send a voice note of 1 second to 60 seconds, after the recording is completed, the user can add background music from the given option, as well as add an image, background music is divided into categories. You can use any of these background music for free.
  • After adding background music, you can listen to its preview, after that you can share it.
  • In this, you have also been given the option of captions, in which you can use 120 or less words.
  • You can easily listen to the voice note posted by the user by clicking on the play button, similarly if you have published any voice note then the user can easily listen to that voice note of yours.
  • If you want to follow someone then you can follow him, like his voice note, and also if you want to give your opinion on that voice note then you can also comment that.

I hope you liked this post ‘Hoote Voice-Based Social Platform’ if you want to give any suggestion to us then please comment below and like and share this Indian platform as much as possible so that this app can become a successful app of India and not just in India but across the country.

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