Best Books For Android Development In 2022

Best Books For Android Development In 2022: In this world of tech, we use lots of applications. But some of us enjoy making an android application and they are known as Andriod app developers.

That’s why we are here for all android app developers, who want to learn this skill or want to excel in this android app development field. We find some of the best books for you. And we are 100% sure that it really helps you.

We have books for Beginners, intermediates, or experts.

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Android App Development Books For Beginners:-

1. Head First Android

Author: Dawn Griffiths and David Griffiths

About: This is the book for beginners, when you start something new you need to be a basic part to understand so that all your basic stuff have done very well. So my friends this is a gift for you. When you read this book you came to know that this is a very generalized book for you.

Features of this Book

  • Good to go for beginners.
  • It covers all the basic fundamentals of Android App development.
  • In this book didn’t need to use harder libraries, it uses simple and useful libraries.
  • It also have exercise to solve in the form of fill in the blanks.
  • Different kind of API usage and other logic buildings things.

2. Android App Development for Dummies

Author: Michael Burton

About: Nice start for an android app developer. You will learn how you start your journey in the field of android app development. All the basic things which need to start are given in this book. It will become your best friend because it has so simple language to understand. No more technicalities obsession.

Features of this Book

  • Friendly language for beginners.
  • It cover all basic stuff like how to start and how to setup for android app development.
  • Easy to follow.
  • Much more exercises to solve and implementation.
  • Helps in to make your own Application.

3. Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

Author: Bill Phillips and Chris Stewart

About: Most popular book for android app development. This book is leading to other books because it is based on the industry and experience of many real-world problems. That’s why this is the most useful book for an android app developer. Once you finish your journey as a beginner in this field go to the intermediate level and this book really helps you to do this.

Features of this Book

  • Popular
  • Industry leading
  • Based on real world example
  • For intermediate user
  • Some of the advance topic would be there
  • Practice questions are there

4. Android Programming with Kotlin for Beginners

Author: John Horton

About: If you want to start your android app development journey in kotlin language then, this once for you. In this book, all the basic things cover and start-up of android app development in very simple language. And they use kotlin language to build an application. You are going to love this book as a beginner.

Features of this Book

  • Beginner master guide
  • Based on Kotlin language to build an application
  • User friendly
  • Having lots of exercise to solve
  • Real world problem
  • Complex topic gets easier to understand

Android App Development Books For Intermediate/Expert:-

1. Hello Android

Author:  Ed Burnette 

About: In this book, all you need to pay attention to is because this book has a standard limit. You have to be aware of different technicalities that use in android app development. This book is a little bit hard to understand but the content you got in this book is outstanding. All of my friends who take android app development as a career must read this book.

Features of this Book

  • Standard Book for Android App development
  • Use most of technical term that make you more comfortable for your profession
  • It contain exercises to practice
  • It has lots of examples to understand the things which is done behind the development
  • It has professional level questions and thoghts to make you better android app developer

2. APP SECRETS: How To Create A Million Dollar App

Author: Sean Casto

About: This book is all about implementing your concept into reality. When you read this book you thought that this book will encourage you to nake your own application and rule the world. The author of this book gives his lot’s of potential to write this book. This will help you in a very logistic manner. Your concept or you can say your idea will be available when you read this book. Just increasing your inside creativity go through this book once in your life.

Features of this Book

  • Application based book
  • More close to real world
  • cover complex topic like locating API and logical operation
  • Majorly cover implementation part of application
  • Good for intermediate user

3. Android Studio 3.0 Development Essentials

Author: Neil Smyth

About: When you want to build your own applications and earn money with them, then I have a gift for you my friend because in the world of tech everything that you learn is for money and if you are unable to use your skills for money then it is just waste of time. So this book will help you to be the best app developer inside and outside. That helps you to create really awesome applications. This book has all setup guide to master in your android app development.

Features of this Book

  • Full environment setup
  • An overview of android Studio
  • Deal with all layout problems as well as code editior
  • cover advance topic like API links, building configuration, griddle and much more.

4. Android Cookbook

Author:  Ian Darwin 

About: This book is only for experts. When you want expertise in android app development then this book is for you. It has all the advanced things like Location update, job scheduling, and location API as well as a design panel. This book will you to make your application to the next level. It uses real-world processes like merging the data. In this book, all your technical knowledge gets up to date.

Features of this Book

  • Book for Expert
  • Use advance things to help and concise the technical term
  • Cover more advance topic like location updates, Exception handling, design panel, job scheduling.
  • Design for expert to make things complex

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