Difference Between PDF and Mobi (Kindle Format)

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Difference Between PDF and Mobi (Kindle Format)

The PDF vs Kindle discussion is essential for learning how and when to use two of the most popular digital text formats!

What is Kindle (Mobi)?

Mobi(Kindle Format)
Mobi (Kindle Format)
  • Kindle was the world’s best e-reader at the time. It was developed in 2004, by the founder and CEO of Amazon, ‘JEFF BEZOS‘.
  • A Kindle reader is a small handheld device that is used to Browse, Buy, Download and Read eBooks, newspapers, magazines, and other forms of digital media. Which you’ll want to purchase from the kindle store.
  • E-book purchased from the kindle store provide the file extension Mobi – But are formatted to a proprietary standard called AZW.
  • These files are protected by digital rights management (DRM). Which locks the Ebook so it can just only be read on devices associated with your Kindle account.
  • Therefore you can only read Kindle ebook via Kindle devices or the Kindle application.

What is PDF (Portable Documents Format)

PDF ((Portable Documents Format))
PDF (Portable Documents Format)
  • It was created by “JOHN E. WARNOCK ” co-founder of Adobe systems inc, In 1993 you has been the go-to digital documents format for people business and governments for a year.
  • PDF allows you to replicate paper documents in digital form so you can edit, save, share and view them globally on any computer using any operating system.

PDF VS Kindle: Can Easily They Work Together?

Although you can only read Mobi files using a Kindle account. Kindle reader supports a variety of file formats such as :

  1. Microsoft word document (DOC, DOCX)
  2. HTML.
  3. RTF.
  4. JPEG / JPG.
  5. Kindle format (AZW, Mobi).
  6. GIF.
  7. PNG.
  8. BMP.
  9. PDF.

Therefore Kindle can read any kind of pdf documents natively. Which means without converting them.

How to read your pdf on Kindle:

  • Link a unique email address to your Kindle device or app. When it is first activated.
  • After that send an email to that unique address with your selected pdf document attached.
  • Once received. The pdf will appear in the library along with your other e-books.
  • Open your pdf file from your library. And read like you would any other e-book!

Pdf VS Kindle : What are the similarities ?

  1. E-book: Both formats enable you to read an e-book.
  2. Bookmarks: Create a bookmark to easily access important phrases. Or save your location when reading your e-book.
  3. Search: You can search your document to easily find specific words or passages.
  4. Annotations: You can markup and annotate text form in pdf and on Kindle paperwhite using highlight functions underline. And also add comments to selected parts of the text.
  5. Link a book: You can turn the pages of your e-book by grabbing the corner of your digital page and turning it like a real book.

PDF VS Mobi (Kindle Format) : Key Differences:

Multi Platform:

  • PDF Provides Near – Universal Compatibility! Pdf is a market standard. Therefore you can access it from most operating systems, applications, and even internet browsers.
  • Mobi files are only readable in the proprietary amazon kindle application.

Functionality :

  • You can completely edit pdf files using pdf software! Add new elements, edit existing ones, format properties, adjust document layout, and much more.
  • Mobi documents contain a read-only function. Which means that you cannot edit them.


  • Pdf contains static text combined with images and multimedia. Which has to be zoomed in to view the display on smartphones and tablets.
  • Mobi supports reflow-able content. Which resizes the text according to the device.


  • Pdf allows you to set password protection and document restrictions to protect important files from intruders.
  • Mobi uses digital rights management (DRM) to protect its data from plagiarism.

Flexibility :

  • Pdf files can be edited. Save and converted into an array of different formats. Such as word, Excel, PDF, JPG, HTML, GIF, and more.
  • Mobi format is exclusive to kindle.

Graphic Elements:

  • PDFs support an array of elements, including text, images, graphs, links, and so on because pdf is a static format. It cannot support video or animation.
  • Mobi is most often used for an e-book in plaintext or e-book with few graphical elements since it has a very low cap on image size. Which makes large image and graphics experience.


  • PDF has a more extensive reach and gained considerable popularity since its creation in 1993. It was released as an iso open standard in 2008. Which made it even more accessible to a wider range of users.
  • Mobi is a newer format that gained popularity with users of tablets or smartphones. Due to the popularity of digital devices. Kindle now has significant competition.


  • Both formats have advantages and disadvantages. Which indicates depending on the type of text you are accessing.
  • PDFs are the choice when you need to edit, share, secure digital documents. And view documents around the way!
  • Kindle or Mobi format. Is used only for e-book and can offer a pleasant reading experience.
  • You can store your e-book from your digital library. And read them on the go. Both formats shine when they are used for their intended purpose.

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